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The Facts

What is SQCN?

  • SQCN is a clinically integrated network (CIN) led and managed by physicians on the medical staff of Sequoia Hospital.
  • Clinical integration is a collaborative effort among physicians and hospitals to use evidence-based quality initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare while controlling costs.
  • SQCN provides independent physicians the opportunity to collectively negotiate
    with fee-for-service health plans while demonstrating their ability to achieve certain quality benchmarks.

Why Physicians Join SQCN

  • Clinical integration is a proven method to improve the quality and cost of patient care.
  • The network provides a support system for private practice physicians facing healthcare reform challenges.
  • Independent physicians are able to jointly contract with health plans for commercial patients, with recognition for achievement of quality benchmarks.
  • Physicians receive access to business intelligence information technology.
  • Physicians also receive visibility across the full continuum of care.

What SQCN Isn’t

  • Capitation.
  • Led by hospitals.
  • Physician employment.
  • Costly to physicians.
  • An agreement that will put individual physician fees at risk.
  • Health Plan/Payer

Benefits of Joining SQCN

Membership in SQCN offers physicians:

  • Access to an effective, RN-led care coordination team to help identify and manage their high-risk patients covered under SQCN payer contracts.
  • Free, no-risk training ground to collaborate with other physicians to learn to effectively manage patients in the new healthcare environment.
  • Collaboration with other physicians who are committed to improve quality care and patient outcomes, as well as the efficiency of care provided.
  • MIPS support and education for your staff through regular office staff meetings.
  • Membership also provides some credit towards the Improvement Activity (IA) domain of MIPS.

SQCN Management

  • SQCN is physician-led. Its Board of Managers is physician-dominated with one hospital representative.
  • Organizational development funds are provided by the hospitals.

Zero Enrollment Costs

  • There are no enrollment costs.
  • There are no ongoing participation fees.

Did You Know?

  • Membership in SQCN does not interfere with pre-existing health plan contracts or other clinical integration programs, accountable care organizations (ACO), independent practice associations (IPA), physician organizations (PO) or physician hospital organizations (PHO) in which physicians may already participate
  • SQCN will focus on new and innovative payer agreements available only through SQCN.
  • Each potential payer agreement with SQCN is carefully reviewed by the physician board to ensure it presents a real or potential benefit to physicians.
  • Members can terminate their participation any time for any reason upon 90 days’ notice.
  • All quality initiatives and physician participation criteria are developed by SQCN physicians.
  • Any information shared with SQCN is confidential. It is used to measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement, to assist in improving quality scores and for demonstrating the overall performance of SQCN to the community.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you have any questions and to receive the enrollment materials, contact our Executive Director, Barbara Minnery, MBA at:


Alternately, you can also speak with any physicians on the SQCN Board of Managers or Quality Committee for more information.